Business Opportunity
Substantial ROI guaranteed
without any risk   

Extinction on Earth

is about the
Gamma Ray Burst (GRB)
created by the
Supernova explosion
of the binary stars
which is about to
hit the Earth
resulting in
mass life extinction.


Go to YouTube
and watch the videos about


Substantial ROI without any risk.

Get your money back 120%, guaranteed, and gain additional profits.

US$100K of SEED money

Participate in the campaign to raise $100K of SEED money, get your money back 120%,

and get  1.0 % of the film net profits during the first 6 months of its release.

In a $10M budget film, with expected sales over $50M, 1.0% of the net profits

and you get your profits without any risk,

since you get paid back 120% of your SEED money contribution immediately upon raising the film budget funds;

that is, even  before starting the production of the film.


For additional details  about this deal,  click on the following link:
In the deal, legally speaking, what you are doing is lending money to Bernal Films via a


The following link presents the concept of the bridge loan agreement
To participate in this campaign you may send your money via bank wire transfer,

in which case you need to contact
Al Herrera to receive  instructions,

or, via the folllowing PAYPAL DONATE button, you may charge your contribution to a debit / credit card,

or to PAYPAL -where in turn you can charge to a debit / credit card or directly to a bank account.  

Even when it is a "
DONATE" button, what your are doing is not a donation. .

We are using it because that's the only button available at PAYPAL  
For information about the Rupturian project, follow the "Executive Summary" link bellow,
and watch the videos about Rupturian in YouTube.

Slide Deck converted to Video

Al Herrera (Alberto Herrera Guzman), creator of the Sci-Fi muiltimedia franchise "RUPTURIAN",

which includes films, video-games, toys, books, and other theme related gadgets,

needs US$10M to produce the first film of the franchise.   

Al Herrera already has contact with investors that will provide the US$10M.

In order to finalize the loan / equity arrangement, including insurance and closing expenses,

and to initially setup a film production and a film distribution company,

Al needs US$100K of SEED money.

The Film Production Company (FPC) will be setup in New York,
to benefit from the tax credits given as an incentive to the movie industry.

The Film Rights Holding Company (FRHC) will be setup in the UAE,
to benefit from the no-corporate-income tax regulations.

For shortfilms with the selected actors, go to the Cast page.