Rupturian Vision of Reality (RVR)
Quantum baby strings and their twins, quantum baby waves, are born out of the womb of nothingness:
The mother of Being.

They  become energy, space, time, per their persuasion,
and at the time of dying, they go back to nothingness:
The tomb of Being.  
Teleportation goes via the
subjacent layer of reality,
where there is no time and
no space.  

Objects that go into the
subjacent layer may  
re-appear instantaneously
anywhere in the physical
layer of the  universe
Rupturian technology can recreate into being,
from nothingness
The waves of the parallel dimension record an image of the real
dimension, as the universe expands in the branes of  time and
space.  With the proper frequency, we can open a gate to the
parallel dimension and perceive events from the past .
Infinitely small, smaller than
the strings, the waves exist in
the realm of nothingness.

Now they  are and yet,
they are not.

Now they are not ant yet,
they are  
Who were the Rupturians?

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Which are the Rupturian paradigms for a new personal reality?

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Rupturian Vision of Reality (RVR)
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It is important to clarify that the story of the Rupturians, as presented in the book Last Call from Earth
is different from the one presented in the movie Rupturian -Extinction on Earth

They are two different stories around the same general theme.