Tepeu: Played by Michael Feijo
Xquic:  Played by Daniela Lopez
June Alanis:  Played by Molly J. Millard   
Molly J. Millard: New York Theater THE MIRROR
SHOW - NYC Fringe Festival - Erin Levendorf, (The
Actress) Carrie Elizabeth Drew (dir) - FUING VIGWAN
The Cherry Lane Theater Francisco Solorzano (Random
Worker 2) (dir) - THE CHILDREN’S HOUR Michael
Howard Studios Art Feinglass (dir) (Martha) - Training -
MICHAEL HOWARD STUDIOS: One Year Conservatory -
Film and Television: Gabrielle Berberich, Mari-Lyn Henry
- Theater: Jim Shankman, Greg Mullavey, Angela
Pietropinto, Daniel Singer - Movement: Polina
Klimovitskaya, Jill Echo, Ronni Stewart - Voice: David
Wells, Judy Kuhn - Voice-Over: Steve Friedman -
Shakespeare’s Heightened Language Levels I and II:
Stage Acting. Special Skills Dialects (Southern, New
York/Brooklyn), Australian, Spanish, British RP and
June Alanis is a telecommunications engineer.  She
establishes connection with the Rupturian Intergalactic
Network (RIN).
Tepeu is a Mayan boy who is  infused with the spirit of the last Rupturian.
Bill Williams:  Played by Kalu ikeagwu
Bill Wiiliams is an Army  Lieutenant Colonel that plays
an important role in the  Rupturian saga  
Xquic is a Mayan girl who at the end of the first movie becomes a Rupturian, like Tepeu, to continue with the saga.
Daniela Lopez is a gymnast member of the Spanish Vaulting Team in Madrid
Michael Feijo is a young and talented up and coming actor. He has studied for two years at the American Academy
of Dramatic Arts, and has had four years of martial arts training.
Kalu Ikeagwu is British-Nigerian actor and writer. As an
actor, he has received several awards and nominations for
his performances on screen.

Ikeagwu first appearance on screen was in 2005 in the
popular Domino TV series. His first stage performance was
in Put Out The Houselights by Esiaba Ironsi. He has gone
on to act in some of Nigeria's memorable classics, such as
"Major Lejoka Brown" in Ola Rotimi's, Our Husband Has
Gone Mad Again and as "RIP" in Esiaba Irobi's Hangmen
Also Die. He went on to perform in various plays at the
Edinburgh Festivals of 1995 and 1997. His first feature film
was the role of "David Salako" in Emem Isong's For Real,
After completion of the film, Kalu claimed that if a Danfo
(Lagos metro bus) were to hit him, he would die with a
blissful smile on his face. He has featured in many films
including 30 Days, The Wrong Woman, Distance Between,
Between Two Worlds and the Irish film production "Rapt In
Éire". On television, he has starred in many popular series
including Domino, 168 and Doctors' Quarters (MNet
Production ). He is also known for his role as "Alahji
Abubakar" aka Masters in the Nigerian hit TV series Tinsel
Kalu Ikeagwu is a well known actor in the Nollywood network