Mayan Prophecy
The soulstrings continue drawing figures in the sky. Now they draw Mayan glyphs related to
their December 21, 2012 prophecies.     

The soulstrings conform three lines and make three circles, one on the left side moving to the
right, composed of twenty soulstrings, another one, smaller, on the right side, moving to the left,
composed of thirteen strings, and a third one, below the other two, composed of 360

The smaller circle on the right side moves into the one on the left side. Now these circles move
down into the larger one at the bottom.   

The three circles dissolve and form the glyph of the katun 13.   

                                         MAYAN PRIEST
                          Katun thirteen!

                          What does that mean?

                                       MAYAN PRIEST
                         Life in the universe is a concatenation and
                         integration of cycles. There are cycles within
                         cycles.  In the katun 13 of baktun 13 of the long
                         count, in the 4 ahau, an epoch ends and another
                          one starts.

                         Is there a problem or cataclysm when an epoch

                                       MAYAN PRIEST
                         No. Just a change of perspective.  It's the
                         beginning of a new world under a
                         transformation of consciousness.
                                (pointing to the soulstrings)
                        Our big sacred brothers have revealed the change
                        to us.

The soulstrings disappear into the sky.  
How is it possible that the
Mayan in the VII century had
such an advanced knowledge
of  the universe?

Their knowledge was
transmitted to them by an
advanced alien civilization.